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We Exist For One Reason

Justice61 helps to combat the burgeoning sex trafficking trade within the United States by providing all resources needed to restore victims. We are there in the hospitals, there during the withdrawals, there when items never meant to enter the human body are removed.  We are there in the courtroom, we are there when they learn to swim, learn to read, learn to trust, and learn to live.  These children are NOT lost forever.  They have graduated high school, gone to college, become doctors, have gotten married, and are living lives that we all wish and hope for our children.  Justice61 makes life after sex slavery possible for so many children and it is our goal to empower so many more.


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Be a REBEL, take part in helping Justice61 acquire property and facilities to house and care for children rescued from sex trafficking.  Currently Justice61 kids are cared for via out patient services. Following the acquisition of facilities Justice61 becomes eligible for financial assistance that provides Justice61 with operational stability while we focus on caring for these children. Join the Movement and the fight against sex trafficking and help us achieve the goal of Justice61 becoming a self-sustaining non-profit organization.

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We exist to see these children, caught up in Sex Trafficking, fully restored into safe, healthy, productive lives.

They are passed by daily, the children on the side of the road trading their bodies for dollar bills.  They are in schools, in houses, downtown, in the suburbs and hiding in plain sight.  Kept captive by tracking devices, branding and tattoos, fear, mental conditioning and strategically forced felonies.  The money that is paid for the use of their bodies goes not into their pocket but into the pocket of their pimp, “daddy”, “fiancé”, “madam”, “auntie” or “bae”. No matter the phrase they are minors, they are owned, and they are being sold as sex toys.  This happens here in the United States.  Not just “over there”.  Children are sold for sex in the land of the FREE and the home of the brave.  It is a business.  There is a hierarchy.  It is logical though depraved.  Drugs can only be sold once and then consumed and then more must be made.  A child, a young girl just like your daughter, your niece or even your son, can be sold over and over and over again, multiple times per day and every day of the year for years.


Additional and RELIABLE Resources:

Colorado FBI 24 Hotline:


CoNET(Colorado Network to End Human Trafficking):


National Human Trafficking Resource Center:


Safe To Tell:

877.542.7233 (SAFE)