The Mission of Justice61 is to aid in the rescue and restoration of children age 13-23 caught in sex trafficking within the United States.

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Justice61 is a private Non-Profit (Non-Faith Based) Organization that works with law enforcement to rescue victims of sex trafficking. We provide housing and mobilize medical, legal, mental health, and educational resources for our clients (children rescued) to provide them with the help and healing necessary for restoration into safe, healthy, productive lives. Children are never asked or required to pay for the services required to reach this goal.  Entry into the Justice61 programs only occurs when referred or requested by government entities including but not limited to the FBI, Homeland Security, Social Services and Police forces.

We partner with local health care providers, criminal defense attorneys, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, businesses and individuals to provide the best care possible for those entering our programming.

Justice61 takes on the physical, mental and educational healing of children rescued by local, state and federal law enforcement officials.

Justice61 has been assisting children stuck in sex trafficking in Colorado for over a decade.  The CEO of Justice61, started the nonprofit after buying an hour of the time of a child found on a corner of Colfax in Denver, CO.  Her purpose for the purchase was to buy the young girl a meal.  Simple really.  Buy her food at McDonald’s.  She wanted to know why.  She gave that girl the opportunity to choose her food.  A fish-fil-a is never a good idea but she was allowed to choose and then choose again, and then another choice and another. Over the course of that hour an education was given and a mission began.  The mission to aid in the rescue and restoration of children aged 13-23 caught in sex trafficking within the United States.  For more information about the services provided, please see our FAQ page.

Rebel Oaks is a facility that will house children rescued from sex trafficking who are receiving aftercare from Justice61.

To broaden our reach in the region, Justice61 seeks to build facilities strategically placed within the United States to house and help restore and educate our clients. It is our desire to expand our footprint as much as possible to help provide shelter and care for a growing number of victims across the country. Procured funds will be used to acquire land, build facilities for our clients, and provide on-site access to medical, behavioral health, and educational resources. Each Rebel Oaks facility will shelter clients (children rescued) within a home like environment. Clients will be provided a shared environment with personal space and the therapeutic tools needed to heal and emerge from the trauma related to being trafficked for sex.

Justice61 is structured to use paid staff and licensed professionals with extensive experience in trauma related care, to provide on-site physical healthcare, behavioral healthcare, therapeutic care and education. Currently Justice61 clients are cared for via out-patient services. Following the acquisition of facilities Justice61 becomes eligible for financial assistance that provides Justice61 with operational stability while we focus on caring for these children. We currently operate on private funds and donations, with a strategic plan to acquire Victim’s Assistance Funding and Medicaid. As we continue to expand, it is our goal to positively impact hundreds, if not thousands, more sex trafficking victims nationwide.

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Checks may be made payable to Justice61 and mailed to PO Box 26, Brighton CO 80601.

Asset giving is also available.  Call us for more details at 1-888-Rebel61.

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