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Justice61 helps to combat the burgeoning sex trafficking trade within the United States by providing all resources needed to shelter and restore victims. We are asking that you seriously consider being part of the solution of sex trafficking in the US by providing funding to Justice61 via a monthly financial commitment or even a one-time gift.

Thank you for partnering with us!

Rebel Oaks Campaign

Be a REBEL, take part in helping Justice61 acquire property and facilities to house and care for children rescued from sex trafficking. Join the Movement and the fight against sex trafficking and help us achieve the goal of Justice61 becoming a self-sustaining non-profit organization. Together we can build Rebel Oaks, homes customized to the needs of these children, where they are given a new life. We invite you to be part of the solution by being a REBEL!

Justice Rebel –  $61/month provides the basic necessities for Justice61 clients.

Education Rebel –  $120/month provides education supplies for Justice61 clients.

Medical Rebel –  $250/month provides access to basic medical care for Justice61 clients.

Behavioral Health Rebel –  $500/month provides access to behavioral health care for Justice61 clients.

Legal Rebel –  $2,000/month provides access to legal services for Justice61 clients.

Rebel Warrior –  $4,200/month or $50,000 in a year provides furnishings for a Rebel Oaks Facility.

Rebel Knight –  $28,000/month or $250,000 in a year provides the means to build the education, therapeutic and medical facilities for Justice61 clients.

Rebel Hero –  $41,600/month or $500,000 in a year provides the means to build an additional Rebel Oaks home in the United States.

THANK YOU for your willingness to make a difference for the children rescued from sex trafficking here!

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Become a Justice Rebel and donate through the Justice61 PayPal Giving Fund  HERE

(This option is the best way to make your donation count as there are no fees collected from the processing company.)